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The importance of sound

Your next production needs a great sound. Why not trust someone with experience? I have been producing, recording, mixing and mastering records in my Cezanne Producciones studios since 2001 and the trip has been, and continues to be, exciting for me.

I have been fortunate to receive the recognition of colleagues and artists in the form of several nominations to the Latin Grammy Awards, also obtaining the award in 2021 for "Voyager", album by Iván "Melon" Lewis in the category of Best Latin Jazz Album.

Crowds of huge artists have come to the studios throughout these years and those experiences have been forging the "Cezanne" sound of which I am so proud.

I have always believed and defended that the success in time of a musical production is linked to a great extent to its sound. If you want to work with a producer / engineer who takes his work very seriously and guarantees you the highest professional quality results, I am that person.

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