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Audio Production turned into Art

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The importance of sound

Your next production needs the best sound. Why not trust someone with experience?

I have been producing, recording, mixing and mastering in my studies Cezanne Producciones since 2001 and the trip has been, and continues to be, exciting for me.

A member of LARAS and NARAS for almost ten years, I have been fortunate to be nominated several times for the Latin Grammy Awards as a producer and sound engineer and won as a recording, mixing and mastering engineer in 2021 with the album "Voyager" by Cuban pianist and composer Iván "Melon" Lewis in the category of best Latin jazz album.

I have always thought and defended that the success in time of a musical production is largely linked to its sound. Many great artists have come to my studios and helped me with their art and talent to create my "Cezanne sound" of which I am so proud throughout these years.

If you are looking for a producer / sound engineer who takes his work very seriously and guarantees you a professional result of the highest level, I am that person.



Recording and mixing

The studio on the ground floor is the one that houses the recording and control rooms with one of the Fairlight systems, with a fabulous Yamaha C7 grand piano that is the star of the studio.

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Mix and Postproduction

The studio upstairs houses the audio mixing and postproduction room up to 7.1 for image with the second of the Fairlight systems.

This is our favorite room for mixing classical music projects, mixing audio for image and post-production of live concerts.

A great projection screen and an optimized audio system for surround mixing delights artists, directors and producers who want to see a professional result from the start.

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Your production requires an essential final step. This step is a professional mastering in a study dedicated to this effect with specialized equipments for that task.
I have extensive experience in this field and I have mastered a multitude of albums of all styles with results endorsed by the artists themselves.

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Any questions about what we do? Interested in scheduling a meeting to discuss an upcoming project? Whatever you need, just complete the form below and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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Calle Belgrado, nave 11, Pol. Európolis. 28232 Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain

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Contact phones:

916 36 34 22 / 615 68 60 58

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